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Using vb dll in vc

In addition, using there will be two more functions that will create and destroy an instance using of the class, which will take care of the problem with the "this" pointer.
To start using a C class, the VB program first calls CreateDLL3 which creates an instance of the class on the heap (via new) and returns using the pointer to the class object.
This was accomplished by use of a module definition (.DEF ) file.
What does this mean?Introduction, this series of articles discusses four common situations when working with DLLs: Part 1, calling a DLL C function from a VC application.The create and destroy functions are prototyped as using follows: void using * _stdcall CreateDll3 void _stdcall DestroyDll3(void * objptr Each of the wrapper functions includes the class object pointer as its first parameter: int _stdcall GetCpuSpeedDll3(void * objptr TIP: I have named each of these functions.Public Declare Function Square Lib "path:MathLib.This software is provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty._asm rdtsc mov timehi, edx; mov timelo, eax; return (unsigned _int64)timehi 32) (unsigned _int64)timelo; / Example of an exported function / GetCpuSpeed - returns CPU speed in MHz; using for example, 2193 will be / returned for.2 GHz CPU.Suppose I have a functionality to get the current system time in the format: yyyy-MM-DD.#include span #define DLL3_exports #include span bool apientry DllMain( handle hModule dword ul_reason_for_call, lpvoid lpReserved ) switch (ul_reason_for_call) case using DLL_process_attach: case DLL_thread_attach: case DLL_thread_detach: case DLL_process_detach: break; return true; / GetCycleCount - private function of DLL3.cpp.Step 4 I copy the EXE code from Part 1, remove the code that tests the C class, compile it, and run.

Run-time error '453 Cant't find DLL entry point DLL function name in DLL name.
In Windows Explorer, right-click on the DLL3.dll file, select Properties, and you will see a Version tab that looks like: note: Even though the DLL3.rc file includes afxres.
crack Name decoration enables the linker to using distinguish between different versions of overloaded functions because the names netscape of the functions are encoded using or decorated differently.Step-1, step-2 Copy the function name as shown below.In the visual studio,.def file cane be specified in the Configuration Definition File.Copy the application's resource (.RC ) file to the DLL's directory, and rename it to DLL3.rc.Copy the following content into using notepad editor and save it as say.DLL Definition, i think you are familiar with Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL english it is Microsofts implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows operating system.Step cheats 4 With the DLL3 wrapper functions defined, I can edit the VB3 program: Private Declare Function CreateDll3 Lib "DLL3.dll" As Long Private Declare Sub DestroyDll3 Lib "DLL3.dll" (ByVal objptr As Long) Private Declare Function GetCpuSpeedDll3 Lib "DLL3.dll" _ (ByVal objptr As Long) As Integer.

1) Static Linking: Here there will be a static import library (.lib) associated with the DLL and which will be provide by the maker using vb dll in vc of the DLL, which will be used for linking with exe.
Cdll3:cdll3 int cdll3:GetCpuSpeed const unsigned _int64 ui64StartCycle GetCycleCount Sleep(1000 return - ui64StartCycle) / 1000000 DLL2.h looks like: #ifndef DLL3_H #define DLL3_H #ifdef DLL3_exports #define DLL3_API _declspec(dllexport) #else #pragma message automatic link to B #pragma comment(lib, "b #define DLL3_API _declspec(dllimport) #endif / This class is exported.