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Driven drive belt torque converters

Designed belt especially for jr dragster, go-karts and drive mini-bikes.
The moveable sheave of the driven torque unit is forced out, as shown, allowing the belt to seek its smaller, high speed ratio diameter.
Fits most Briggs Stratton, Clinton, Kohler and Tecumseh 3 to 6 horsepower engines with a horizontal shaft.
If any irregularities appear in the system or on the belt, have the system adjusted immediately.
Uses the same torque 3/4" top width belts as Comet's 20 series.Also referred to as driven shaft.The drive belt will then be forced to a larger diameter within converters the clutch sheaves, thus pulling it to a smaller diameter within the driven unit sheaves.For that reason alone, and to eliminate the expense, trouble and possible safety hazard of blown belts or damaged clutches, the drive system on your vehicle should be given extra care driven to be sure it's operating properly.What does "Symmetric" mean?The flyweights in the clutch are sticking or the movable sheave is binding on the hub.Disassemble the driver clutch and clean away any dirt or lubricant residue using an automotive parts torque cleaning solvent.The belt should be free in bottom of Drive clutch and approximately flush with outside diameter of driven unit sheaves.Clean torque and DRY the post and sheaves carefully before replacing the drive belt.The exact measurement between the center of the crankshaft to the center of the jackshaft.The extreme heat and pressure inside the driver clutch chars most petroleum based lubricants.

The belt that is too editor long will run out of line at the emulator higher engine rpm's.
The unique asymmetric face angles were created to driven provide features not possible in symmetric systems.
A torque converter system concept of driver, driven and belt member, the opposing halves or sides of each member being unequal in angle.
What are the keys to emulator a proper alignment?
The driven unit and final drive sprocket assembly for driving the track or wheel assembly are located on this shaft.Drive questionnaire clutches are available for both 5/8" and 3/4" bore engines.A torque converter system concept of driver, driven and belt member, the opposing halves or sides of each member being equal in angle.The model 30 uses a 3/4" top width asymmetric belt.Today, however, emphasize belt and drive systems have attained such sophistication that if the drive system is not properly aligned or adjusted, or if the wrong belt is used, the belt may tear manual up the drive system before stretching or breaking.Use the two measurements; the driven pulley outer diameter and center distance measurement to determine the correct belt part number from placement the relevant chart below.

Even engine and drive train component life (sprocket, chain, bearings, etc) is extended since shifting is smooth and not subject to the hazards of driven drive belt torque converters manual control.
Apply solvent to the post and in the grooves of the post thoroughly.
Too long a belt will cause loss of ratio advantage and resulting drive system inefficiency.