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Army aviation quality control manual

army aviation quality control manual

Carburetor inlet or quality screen for dirt and quality safetying.
Clutch control cams, cam followers, and actuator linkage army for correct position and security.
Miscellaneous forms AND records 9-5.TIs conduct informal inspections of manual the various shops periodically and bring any deficiencies or safety hazards found to the attention of shop supervisors.To perform his job well control and obtain a high aircraft availabil- ity, the organizational maintenance officer should insure that aircraft not flying are undergoing maintenance.Is the DA Form 1546 properly prepared showing correct stock number and nomenclature?A manual scupper pipe or drain line which has been contaminated with gasoline must be thoroughly flushed with water.Section aviation 6 of DA Pam quality 25-30 contains an index of SBs.

(3) Auxiliary and packet electronic equipment.
Methods of performing maintenance 11-7 to 11-4 to III.
Aft transmission serviced to specified level and filler cap secured.
Turn-In/Pickup of Aircraft at tracer avim 8-6.
Servicing an aircraft whose fuel system has been repaired or modified.Sample Format for a Technical Data Familiarization Chart Figure 8-5.Aircraft Inventory Record Certification and Record of Transfers (DD Form 780-3).(1) The DA Form 1546 will be typed or written in ink and a requisition number assigned.TCP does not prevent the formation of lead deposits, but does alter the electrical resistance charac- teristics and temperature resistance to a point where the effect on spark plug fouling and preignition everlast is mini- crack mized.There is no charge for Navy publications, but there is a charge for blank forms.(2) study MWO's in category 2 specify that work will be accom- plished during depot-level maintenance activities (iroan or overhaul).Inadequate organizational main- tenance causes delay, may endanger the pilot, tutorial and may ground the aircraft for extensive field maintenance.When grounding aircraft, follow procedures listed in the.Is the correct procedure followed in initiating a new -3?ONE-hundred percent inspection 8-42.(2) Before the tank packet cover is opened, proper grounding se- quence will be checked;.e., from drum to ground, ground to aircraft, drum to aircraft, and nozzle to air- craft.Refer to DA Pam tutorial 738-751 for the required locations of the various forms.Separators will be drained daily for removal of water.